Congressional Candidate Forum for California District 2 – 10/05/11

Thank you candidates for your participation in the video streaming webcast of the first forum for the new California District 2 to include members of both major parties — plus, an opening statement by another. And thank you, the viewing public online, and our studio audience, for your positive response to our program. And of course, Pixel Corps deserves tremendous thanks for their generous contributions in time, space, talent, and tools to help make our show a reality.

We received a number of questions online and from our studio audience during the forum and appreciate your submissions. While we were unable to utilize as many as we would have liked, we'll do our best to improve the interactive nature in future programs and appreciate your understanding. Please feel free to send, or resend questions for the candidates to at any time for consideration in the future.

We were pleased to include appearances by the following declared candidates:

Susan Adams
Andy Caffrey *
William Courtney
Jared Huffman
Stacey Lawson
Tiffany Renee
Daniel Roberts
Norman Solomon

If you would like to be notified of future programs, or you would like to contact us for comments and/or suggestions for future programs, join us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or send us an email:

Stay tuned for additional information with respect to this program airing on public access television stations around the district, including Petaluma Community Access.

Thank you again for engaging in the political process in our new district and for your continued support!


California North Coast Media (CNCM)

For further information, contact Connie Madden, 707-789-9294, or email

* Unfortunately, we were not able to accommodate a late request for inclusion in the forum by Andy Caffrey. We apologize for not being previously aware of this candidate, as we would have certainly appreciated his inclusion. We would like to thank the candidates and Pixel Corps production staff again who were kind enough to accommodate his opening statement, immediately preceding the program. We also appreciate Andy's understanding and apologize for informing him that we could accommodate his participation when in fact Pixel Corps was technically unable to redesign the set with less than 48 hours notice. We look forward to Andy's participation in future CNCM programs.